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Shasta Safety Supply

Shasta Safety Supply is located in Redding, California. We specialize in Safety Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Some of the products we supply include work gloves, dust masks, respirators, ear plugs, ear muffs, safety glasses, safety goggles, eyewash stations, safety vests, rainwear, rain suits, hard hats, bump caps, first aid kits and first aid supplies.

The Shasta Safety Supply website was developed on the Shopify e-commerce platform to take advantage of all the latest advances in secure, fast purchases. All of our projects receive personal attention from our experienced professional staff as we work with your budgets, and requested completion dates; often completing projects ahead of schedule. If you are interested in building a new website for your business contact the prime42 Web Design team on our contact form, call 530.691.0042.

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