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pay-by-the-month Plan

Get A Website Without The Large Initial Capital Outlay!

With prime42's new Pay as you go plan for small business, you get a new website and you pay monthly to avoid the high up-front cost!

Not only will a new website help you stand out against your competition, but it will also create new leads for your business. Let us help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE!

Customers expect to be able to find out about your business online. It is where they will look first! Whether you are providing information about your services, prices, or products on your website, customers want to be able to find out more about you at a time that suits them best.

A professional website designed by prime42... Available to you, without large upfront cost barriers.

New websites can be expensive and time consuming. We get that. Unlike others, we don’t believe you have to pay “Big City” rates to get a top notch website. Small business owners don’t have the time to design, build and populate their website. You have more important things to do – namely running your business and helping your customers!

Prime42 is now offering a new website plan that addresses those issues. Our new pay-by-the-month business website plan eliminates those large upfront costs, DIY frustration, costly updates, multiple charges and wasted time.

No Large Upfront Costs + No Long-term Contracts = No Risk To You

If you are a business, you know that cash flow is everything. By opting for an installment plan, you are omitting the major capital outlay of an upfront cost. This means, that your cash flow will be conserved for investing elsewhere into your business. If your company is smart, and since you are considering our service we are assuming it is, you understand the value of a dollar and the impact of cash flow.

So, keep your bottom line happy by taking advantage of our new pay-by-the-month website design package. Focus on what you do best and just say no to high-priced designers or a do-it-yourself (DIY) website solution.

Get started today!


Not convinced? Here are two other options for a new site:

The Do-it-yourself (DIY) Website Solution

DIY website packages are not a website design monthly fee, you simply get access to make your own website. Which means that you are now the website designer and programmer. Now you have to find the pictures, write the copy, come up with a design and implement it. Often these platforms have many (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) limitations and can be frustrating. Don’t be get (fooled or) locked-in to a low monthly price. You get what you pay for.

One-time Upfront Investment Website Solution

Traditionally, you would need to invest many thousands of dollars upfront for the development of your new website. From an accounting perspective, this is not nice on your cash flow and also means that once it is up and running you have to pay extra for maintenance and hosting. If your business isn’t maintaining its website, then it will quickly become dated pretty quickly.

prime42’s monthly plan is sounding better and better isn’t it?

Why Choose prime42’s pay-by-the-month Plan?

We are focused on making sure our solutions work for you, this is why our package includes:

No Contract: Cancel at any time, hassle-free.

No Setup Fees: You will not be charged up front for server setup, maintenance or installation of the services.

Top Tier support: If there is ever a problem or you just have a question, we are here to help.

99.99% server up times: Your new site doesn’t do you any good if your customers can’t see it. We pride ourselves on having some of the best servers in the marketplace.

Website Consultation: Before we build anything, we will work with you to understand your company and its goals. Why have some nameless company build you a generic site when you can get a custom site tailored to YOUR needs?

Custom Website Design: A custom website design consistent with your company’s branding and colors will be created. Professionally programmed with performance and security in mind.

Monthly Updates: Updates done for you on an ongoing basis. Send our team work, and it will be updated on your website for you – usually the same business day!

Website Hosting: Your website will be optimized to run on a secure fast-loading server so that your customers can have the best possible experience.

Domain Name: The domain name is included in your service with us. Never have to worry about renewing it and having the records updated.

Mobile Responsive Design: Your website will be compatible with any device screen size including phones and tablets to maximize the user experience.

Local: We are a local company who understand the market, we have the experience and expertise to help you get to in front of your customers.

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