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Creative Mathematics

Creative Mathematics is committed to providing impactful teacher seminars that are guaranteed to help you implement Common Core, State and Provincial Standards in mathematics. We offer a variety of classes that are guaranteed to cover all math content areas and provide you with the tools to enhance and strengthen your instruction. Attend one of our classes today and you will leave with motivation for math, games and activities you can use immediately and a deeper knowledge of how to teach for understanding.

The Creative Mathematics website had a need to incorporate standard e-commerce functions with multiple custom features including workshop signups, free downloads and newsletter signups. The team at prime42 utilized the OpenCart e-commerce platform to accomplish this site as it offered the best mix of features and flexibilty. All of our projects receive personal attention from our experienced professional staff as we work with your budgets, and requested completion dates; often completing projects ahead of schedule. If you are interested in building a new website for your business contact the prime42 Web Design team on our contact form, call 530.691.0042.

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