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A new look can do wonders!

A user-friendly, responsive website is crucial for businesses in the digital age. As website development experts, prime42 understands this importance and offers polished and informative website redesigns. With over 50% of internet usage happening on mobile devices, ensuring a mobile-friendly site is a must-have to cater to a vast audience and generate leads. Your website is your online storefront, and making an excellent first impression is everything. Trust prime42 to help you improve your search engine ranking, differentiate yourself from competitors, and have a positive impact on your relationship with customers.


Portfolio RainQuiet

RainQuiet was experiencing a drop in sales due to the outdated appearance of their website. The old site failed to instill trust in its clients. The 10-year-old videos, along with an outdated color scheme, gave the impression of a company that was out of touch and customers were hesitant to place orders with them.

Prime42 intervened and developed a dynamic, mobile-friendly site that restored the confidence of customers which resulted in an improvement in sales. The new website has a graphic of falling rain at the top, which piques the interest of potential customers and leads them to learn more about the product.

The use of white space and various light and dark sections also creates a pleasant experience for clients and increases their confidence when placing orders.

rain quiet before
rain quiet after

Legacy Investment

Portfolio Legacy

The Legacy Investment website was seriously out of date and broken when they contacted us about the possibility of having prime42 create a new site for them. The old website was not mobile-friendly, had broken elements and it really didn’t reflect well on their firm. Their firm caters to serious investors, but their website screamed that they were WELL behind the times.

In conjunction with their new logo and colors,  we crafted a website that was modern and approachable. We placed the partners pictures and history upfront on the front page of the site. We also provided quick access to all the types of services offered by Legacy Investment. We also created a new section of the site with investment information and helpful articles from their newsletter.

Legacy before
legacy after

Krekelberg Law Firm

Portfolio Krekelberg

When you landed on Krekelberg Law Firm’s old website, it felt very dated and cold/impersonal. The website was not mobile-friendly and it lacked cohesiveness their current branding. We knew that the company’s decades of experience and personal approach were some of its most important differentiators, and that information was lost in the text-heavy content.

For the website,  we brought the faces of the attorney up top to make them one of the first things you see. The firm’s services and experience were detailed on the front page, and we used the brand colors to make their appearance in the community cohesive.

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